How to Deal with Haters

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People are going to doubt you, if they aren’t already it means your goals are not big or public enough. You have to keep believing in yourself my friend.

Don’t Get Discouraged by the Dream Stealers

Throughout my entire life people have doubted me, told me I couldn’t do it or make it and no matter how many times I “prove” myself to the world, I know they will always be there.
Is that fair? No, it’s not, but honestly, so what? Yet again I am reminded me of my favorite line in any of the Matrix movies. When Morphius is being told that people don’t believe that Neo is the one, Morphius, without hesitation replies, “My Believe Doesn’t Require Them To”. How about you? Does YOUR belief require people to see what you see?

How to Deal wit h Haters

Doubters and haters are closely related. Both are not serving you, unless, of course, you use them the way I do. Last night a buddy forwarded me a conversation involving a “friend” of mine talking trash about me. However, instead of using that as some kind of downer, it fired me up beyond belief, I feed off that stuff. You can too.
Let the doubting, hating, dream stealing activate that part within you that KNOWS how powerful you are. Right now there is a ball of energy within you that knows that ANYTHING is possible, that you are POWERFUL beyond belief. In fact, maybe as you read this you feel it heating up and expanding until you have NO CHOICE but to become the BIGGEST YOU that is possible. With this energy you find it easy to keep believing in yourself and to accomplish WAY MORE than even your original goals. Do you feel it?

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