No news is good news

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"No news is good news.
Because most news are bad news."

Do you ever notice that on the evening news, most
of the events reported are always about natural
disasters, accidents, bad economy, fights etc...

and you hardly get to see any positive

The unfortunate truth is that... we have always
been drawn to negative information.

Even if there was something a little positive, we
would just take it for granted.

It's just... human nature.

But you can overcome this bias, and be "naturally

It will help you to train your mind to be more

This will change your life for the better, as the
newfound optimism will help you focus on
opportunities, and not difficulties.

It will strengthen your desire to take action,
overcome your personal challenges and achieve your

creating happy experiences for you and your loved

Thereby affirming that life is worth living and

I wish you happiness, my Friend.

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