What is a True Friend

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Tyler Perry is a famous actor and comedian based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Growing up, he was raised predominately by southern African-American women, and that’s who many of his characters are based upon.  His most famous character, Madea, who is played by himself dressed in women’s clothing, is a combination of everyone’s mother and grandmother.  Madea says that friends and relationships are like trees.  Some friends, Madea says, are like leaves.  They drink our water and hang out on our branches, but they’re gone with the wind.  We have thousands of those types of leaves.  Some friends are like branches, they’re there for the majority of the time but when things get rough and the storms come, they’re breaking off.  We have a couple dozen of those. But our true friends, our brothers and sisters, are our roots.  They come few and far between, and they’ll never leave us no matter what happens until our dying day.

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